2-1 Temporary Rate Buydown!

2-1 Temporary Rate Buydown!

Get a Lower Interest Rate Up to 2% At the Start of Your Loan!

Use seller concessions to get a Temporary Rate Buydown

Did you know that seller concessions can mean a much smaller mortgage payment? Use them toward a Temporary Rate Buydown to lower your interest rate at the beginning of your loan…giving you breathing room for repairs, savings and more.


With a temporary buydown, you'll be able to have a lower monthly payment to start out with. Use the seller-paid 1- and 2-year buydown options to take advantage of a lower rate and gain extra flexibility with a lower monthly payment.

Seller-paid 1- and 2-year buydown options

  • 2-1 buydown of 2% in the first year and 1% in the second year. By the third year they are at the full rate.
  • 1-0 buydown of 1% in the first year. By the second year they are at the full rate.
  • See an example of the potential savings on a 2-1 temporary buydown:

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*The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is 6.061% with estimated finance charges of $8,300. The principal and interest payments, which will continue for 360 months until paid in full, do not include taxes and home insurance premium, which will result in a higher actual monthly payment. Rates current as of 8/16/2022. Subject to borrower approval. Some exclusions may apply.

Information is subject to change. Certain restrictions apply. Subject to borrower approval.

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Source: https://www.uwm.com/price-a-loan/exclusives/products/temporary-rate-buydowns