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New Wealth Management Jumbo ARM! Rates as low as 5.875%!

6.521% APR

DHL now has a 5 & 7 year ARM as low as 5.875% interest rate! Rates improve based on assets deposited into a CD.

DHL is the ONLY Lender in North Carolina that can offer this product!



5% Down Multi-Family Homes: 

Exciting news for multifamily home buyers! 5% down payments options are available for 2,3, and 4-unit homes! (USED TO BE 15% for 2 units and 25% down for 3-4 units).

It’s an excellent opportunity if you’ve been thinking about buying multifamily (college housing, investment opportunities, etc.)

Take advantage of this great opportunity!


Temporary Rate Buydown: 

Get an Interest Rate Up to 3% Lower At the Start of Your Loan!

With a temporary buydown, you'll be able to have a lower monthly payment to start out with. Use seller-paid 1, 2 or 3 year buydown options to take advantage of a lower rate and gain extra flexibility with a lower monthly payment.

It’s no doubt this is beneficial to the homebuyer, but what are the benefits for the seller?

1, 2 and 3-year buydown options

NMLS: 184302



The information provided is a partial list of program details offered by DHL Mortgage with a brief description of the key elements. For a complete list and specific scenarios of the programs that we offer, please contact us.

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