Jumbo Loans


Jumbo loans exceed the maximum loan amount offered by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  Most area’s range from $417,000 and up, and are available as fixed rate loans or adjustable rate loans.

Jumbo loans enable the purchase or refinance of higher valued home or condominiums (primary or 2nd home) and are attractive to buyers that want to leverage assets.

Many people initially consider making a large down payment to reach the conforming loan limits however:

  •     If the interest that you’re accruing on your other investments exceeds that of the interest on your home loan, you can finance the majority of your home costs.
  •     You’re able to preserve your other interest-bearing investments by not making a large down payment.
  •     You do not have to liquidate your other investments to make a full down payment, therefore not pay capital gains on the divested investments.
  •     By financing the majority of your home loan, you may increase the amount of your deductible interest expense.